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My music

2008-04-27 17:08:38 by omgitskatman

Okay so what have you people think about my newest songs ? what should i change in my newest songs... an most importantly what kinda ideas you guys have for me ? like basically what tpye of way or idea to make a new Trance song ? right now a good idea would be great. lol that Fuck A Faggit song was pretty awesome though lol. oh heres a random hot chick...

My music


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2008-04-27 18:28:30

That random hot chick looks like Anna Farris from the Scary Movie series. I use to have a Mega Crush on her (if that's her...looks like her) a long time ago. She's still pretty hot.

omgitskatman responds:

Okay bitchdo you have an idea ?


2008-05-31 07:25:36

I like your new songs, you got your own style and I think you should just keep making them and get better and better.


2008-06-15 11:26:14

I say make a trance music that is awsome and longer the usual.


2008-11-15 23:03:21

Dood please continue with your music. It has gotten great over the number of months and i'd like to hear another song from you. Well of course ur never gunna get back on NG arent you? xD If you see this, Please check out my newest song or 2, ther way better than from a long time ago when we met eachother.



2009-08-02 13:46:44

ey n***a get bak on NG DAMMIT!! u havent posted up new shit n***a and cocaine is an oldy song isint it? also ur still better than me and check out my new shit k?